Wednesday, October 08, 2008

An Ugly Portrait of McCain

John McCain is stumping the country, asking "Who is the real Sen. Obama?" But the shoe may be on the other foot.

In a profile that summons up the hidden painting in "The Picture of Dorian Gray," Rolling Stone offers a history of John Sidney McCain that places the familiar heroic figure with a lifetime of service to his country in a light that makes even a reader opposed to his candidacy cringe.

Some of the story has been told before, most notably in the New York Times, but the unrelenting depiction of McCain as a reckless, spoiled Navy brat who was a selfish opportunist at every stage of his life, even during captivity in Vietnam, is so devastating that only its meticulous journalism makes it impossible to dismiss as character assassination in the last weeks of a campaign.

There are few anonymous sources in this narrative of names, dates, details and direct quotes from apparently reputable witnesses to McCain's life and career.

His supporters will predictably howl in protest, but if even half of what this indictment relates is true, John McCain makes George W. Bush look like a Horatio Alger hero who pulled himself up by his bootstraps.

The fair-minded can read and judge for themselves.


Unknown said...

People should take a close look at McCain's character, which we are seeing full blast right now. How has he conducted himself in his personaa life throughout the last 60 years or so? Not such an honorable person after all, correct? I respect him for his ability to survive as a POW but everything else clearly overshadows this and we see him for the small person he really is. This is an erratic and relatively unintelligent individual who should forgo his delusions of granndeur and abandon his aspirations to the highest office in this nation. America's reputation has been damaged enough by the Bush Administration. We cannot afford this aging loose cannon in the White House nor can we chance that racist, power hungry Palin taking over the reins as President. The thought of either of them chills me to the bone.

Unknown said...

Obama launched his campaign from Ayer's living room, sat on a board together, and whose wives worked at the same law firm. Obama also worked with Acorn, who has been caught in massive voter fraud, in behalf of Obama. Obama obviously shares an anti-American racist, and criminal philosophy with some very unsavory people, continues to lie about it, and does not have the character, honesty, or integrity to be President of the United States of America !!!

Unknown said...


Obama wants to
create a National Security Force
with the size and budget of our entire military to
control American citizens

Obama wants to eliminate our nuclear arsonal,
and render us defenseless against foreign tyrants.

Obama wants to eliminate private gun ownership,
and do away with the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution

Are foreign donations powering the Obama campaign?

Obama's appeal in the Muslim world

Pro-Obama, Muslim-led voter registration in mosques

Palestinians phone bank for Obama

We are loosing our right to Free Speech, the 1st Amendment
to the Constitution, when the media is in the tank for Obama

Obama wants to change our National Anthem

Obama chose to align himself with anti-American racist, Jeremiah Wright
for TWENTY YEARS ... along with anti-American Ferrahkan, and Ayers.

ACORN VOTER FRAUD, Obama cheats to get elected

Obama Youth organize ...


Anonymous said...


The problem is whether mr.Obama will find willing Americans ready to succumb to his Marxism to wound up in time anyhow the way his Marxism end up collapsing underneath the rubble of the Berlin Wall. American always will fight the way, time and place where its enemy launch the challenge. If they want to destroy this country... they won't pass.

Anonymous said...

I used to respect John McCain but seeing him break his word about campaigning honorably has changed my opinion of him. He has quite frankly cracked under the pressure to win the campaing and thrown all his personal values to the side. This leaves me with no doubt that if he cracked under the pressures the campaign that he probably cracked at the Hanoi Hilton. Seeing how badly he had swayed here I think its safe to say the results there must not have been pretty. Not that anyone would not crack under torture but McCain seems willing to say anything to win, it makes me wonder what he said to survive or who he threw under the bus to survive.

I am respectful of his service and a veteran myself. I can't imagine what horrors he endured. But character seems to the one thing he is lacking right now. He had thrown aside everything that made him appeal to me in his desperation to win.