Monday, November 25, 2013

A New "Wag the Dog" World

Devious is the new normal in Washington, which is replaying a movie satire with a straight face over the Iran talks.

In 1997 Hollywood made the hilarious “Wag the Dog,” about its own spin doctors trumping up a fake war to save a real President from scandal. Now the clowns in DC are redoing the script with a nuclear future at stake instead of a phony confrontation with Albania.

Everyone involved, with the possible exception of the beleaguered President, is posturing for the cameras.

The Israeli head of state is fulminating, but what else could he be expected to do? Stand by silent and tacitly approving to make Iran paranoid about the possible agreement? Chuck Schumer is dubious, but what else could a Senator from New York and Tel Aviv be?

The GOP lividly accuses President Obama of giving away the store, but where’s the news in that? Could they stand by and express watchful waiting?

Those who are sick of such old movies may want to consign them to Netflix, while a new generation of American voters opts for reality shows in DC and older ones go back to Turner Classic Movies for “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and other pipe dreams of a good-at-heart America muddling through hard times.

It’s past time to put “Wag the Dog” out to the boneyard, but who will step up with a script for a less cynical, more realistic and better America than we’re seeing now?

Hold the popcorn until he shows up, perhaps as a reinvigorated Barack Obama.

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