Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Christmas Card to Ralph Nader

Dear Ralph: Haven’t heard much from you lately, but happy to see you are alive and well, working to “preserve the safety and quality of life for every American,” as your web site puts it.

But your recent suggestion that Bill Moyers run for President in ’08 as a third-party candidate is a wee bit troubling.

Age has a tendency to cloud our memories, so forgive me for pointing out what you surely know:

In 2000, your idealistic efforts for our safety and quality of life gave us George W. Bush by drawing 180 times the number of votes by which Gore lost Florida and three times the margin by which he fell short in New Hampshire.

The almost three million Americans who voted for you were an inspiration to us all, but please stop inspiring us to elect Presidents who take us into ruinous wars and pick Supreme Court justices who may destroy the Constitution.

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