Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Surging into a Quagmire

At his press conference Bush is asked “if this has been a time of painful realization for you...that some of the policies you hoped would succeed have not.”

He avoids talking about his mistakes by saying, “The most painful aspect of my Presidency has been knowing that good men and women have died in combat.”

Asked about his judgment, Bush tells us about his compassion, making it hard for us to believe in either.

Now this man, who is temperamentally unable to admit being wrong, is considering a “surge” of more troops into Baghdad. If many of them die needlessly, he will undoubtedly tells us, as he did today, that “my heart breaks” for their families.

After he listens to all the expert advice about a surge to quell the violence, he would do well to consider the wisdom of the country boys in my platoon in World War II:

“Don’t keep getting into pissing contests with skunks.”

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