Friday, December 08, 2006

If the Centrists Rise Up...

There has always been one sure bet in American politics: No Mayor of New York can get to the White House.

The charismatic John Lindsay was shot down in the 1972 primaries, but no one else came close.

Now we have Rudy Giuliani, still wearing his 9/11 halo, gearing up for the Republican nomination, and what’s this...?

“Bloomberg ‘08” blares a New York Magazine cover.

Jeff Greenfield on CNN does a piece on a “vertically challenged Jewish billionaire” running as an Independent in 2008, days before the network’s political guru Bill Schneider describes the Mayor as “a healer and conciliator.”

Even George Will gets into the act by calling Bloomberg the nation’s “leading Centrist.”

While Bloomberg urges others to run, his Deputy keeps telling reporters he “hopes the Mayor will change his mind” about not running himself (coyness cubed).

The non-candidate visits Jeb Bush in Florida and exchanges air-kiss compliments with Governor Arnold on the other coast after ladling out money and endorsements to save Congressman Chris Shays and Senator Joe in Connecticut.

With all the dark horses pawing at the starting gate, Bloomberg can afford to wait and see how the race shapes up until late next year.

If the nation seems ready for a plausible Ross Perot, Bloomberg’s fund-raising will consist of one phone call--to his personal bankers.

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