Thursday, October 18, 2007

An American Patriot

In the debate before the House fell 13 votes short of overriding President Bush’s veto today, Rep. Steve King of Iowa charged that "S-CHIP stands for Socialized, Clinton-style Hillarycare for illegals and their parents."

Republicans must be reassured by the steadfastness of a patriot like Rep. King, whose major initiative in this session of Congress has been a bill to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment of the Constitution, which authorizes the income tax.

If he had his way, King would protect Americans not only from illegal immigrants, socialized medicine and Hillary Clinton but from everything the Federal government does, including subsidies for Iowa farmers, fighting the war in Iraq--and maybe even paying the salaries of moronic members of Congress.

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Anonymous said...

The democrats should have done something more substantive, such as creating and expansion that allowed those middle class workers a way to purchase the insurance at a lower rate, instead of some big freebie. They also should have provided an option for those who are childless, and poor, who are denied medicaid, to buy into SChip as well, with prices based on income level.

What they came up with instead was heartless and wrong. It's immoral for states to refuse to require checks to ensure that situations like that of the Frosts, where someone is able to hide income property, investments and trust funds under LLC's and blind trusts. No one who can afford three cars, who has an income property and other deliberately hidden assets be eligible for SChip.

I'm a democrat, and what the expansion that failed represented was an exploitation of power as a means to curry favor, the creation of a priveleged class of beneficiaries. Even worse, it's a farce to claim you care about the health of poor children, when you rationalise and assist in the outsourcing of American jobs, and the importation of illegals and other foreign nationals to take away American's jobs, undermine wages at a time when we have had a declining job pool since the '80s, while costs continue to rise. American children can't be healthy when their parents can not afford to feed them, fruits, vegetables, protein and other crucial foods needed for good health. The democrats have regressed to the party of slavery that they were more than a hundred years ago, and haven't a leg to stand on ethically.