Friday, October 12, 2007

Is This a Great Country or What?

In Washington, our Congress has settled in to business as usual now that the Surge is going so well. Democrats are overjoyed at news of Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize, while Republicans are fresh from the triumph of sliming a brain-injured 12-year-old boy to make sure he and others like him don’t rip us off by getting health care insurance.

In Iraq today, other people acting in my name and yours killed six women and nine children during an air and ground attack on senior Al Qaeda leaders. We issued a statement of regret that “civilians are hurt or killed while Coalition forces search to rid Iraq of terrorism."

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, AP reports, “has recently confronted top American commander Gen. David Petraeus about what he sees as overly aggressive U.S. tactics that harm innocent civilians, according to Iraqi officials.”

Last Friday, a pre-dawn U.S. raid on Khalis, a Shiite city north of Baghdad, killed 25 people when troops called in air strikes while hunting suspected smugglers of arms from Iran to Baghdad. Village leaders said the victims included civilians, but the military insisted the 25 killed were militants.

Meanwhile, Shiites and Sunnis are reported to be making no progress toward national reconciliation. But the Surge is working just fine, isn’t it?

We can all go on getting Halloween costumes for the kids and maybe driving somewhere for a little leaf-peeping.


Bluto said...

"...other people acting in my name and yours killed six women and nine children..." - speak for yourself, Bob, al Qaeda doesn't, and never has, acted in my name.

This is the same tactic used in Haditha; American "journalist" types got it wrong there, too, and haven't learned a damned thing since.

Mike said...

I say to bluto: HUH?

Did you read the AP story? It says US troops killed 15 women and children, not al-Qaida. And "The military said it was targeting senior leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq."

See? The US military told AP it made a strike in Iraq. That's what the story says, anyway.

But go on with your reporters-got-it-all-wrong explanation. I guess it could be true that "insurgents" killed those kids and women. And I may be the next Hollywood heartthrob.

Anything's possible. But some things just aren't at all likely.

Llyonnoc of the Woods said...

No one blinks an eye at this stuff anymore. Congress? What's that? At one time in America during a war Harry S Truman decided to hold the contractors feet to the fire to prevent fraud. Where is the Democratic Congress when we know that the fraud in Iraq is rampant.

It's simple, no one really cares anymore. We're at war but there is no sign of it anywhere traveling through America. We're at war and less than 1% of Americans are asked to sacrifice anything. We're at war and the stock market continues to reach new highs.

We invaded Iraq four years ago, killed or caused to be killed countless numbers of its people, caused 2 to 4 million Iraqis to leave their homes; leveled some of their cities; and say we are doing it for them. There's something odd about how we think.