Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Triumph for British Cuisine

Sounds like something out of “Fawlty Towers,” but a British country hotel is now serving grey squirrel pancakes in Peking Duck-style wraps to customers, free of charge.

Actually, it’s all the result of trying to preserve a vanishing species. Lord Redesdale’s Red Squirrel Protection Partnership traps and kills thousands of over-abundant greys to protect the reds but, as His Lordship observes, "The problem is, there is nothing we can do with them.”

Wild Boar Hotel head chef Marc Sanders came to the rescue, and now even the manager of the Save Our Squirrels project of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust is on board saying, "It is far more ecologically and environmentally sound to find a use for what is being trapped.

"A number of places in Northumberland are thinking of having grey squirrel on the menu. I haven't tried grey squirrel but people I know who have say it tastes like chicken used to taste when it tasted like chicken.”

Waste not, want not. But no thanks, just pass the vegetables.


Unknown said...

I'd eat it. We used to eat squirrel regularly when I was growing up. Mom used to serve it fried like chicken. I bet it works well with

GiromiDe said...

This makes too much sense. Squirrel don't need much room to be free range.