Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Democrats Will Win the Mommathon

After Michelle Obama’s extraordinary speech last night, her husband and his party are poised to capture one underlying contest of this convention season.

In “Primary Colors,” as Clinton and his cohorts engaged in a maudlin drunken contest about their saintly female forebears, the acerbic Hillary character noted that the “mommathon” would last all night.

For over a week now, both parties have been vying to put middle-aged women on a pedestal, but clearly Democrats have an edge here. Mitt Romney’s mom was no doubt a wonderful person, but she ran for the Senate when he was a kid.

Keynoter Julian Castro waved to his single mom as well as his wife and kids during the opening salvo, and a parade of Democratic stars with minority and underdog roots will surely be doing the same, perhaps even Bill Clinton himself.

It’s not clear how much more a loving and inspiring parent can do for an ambitious young pol than a comfortable one, but for the rest of this political season, rhetorical Mother’s Day cards will be selling like verbal hotcakes.

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