Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is Ryan in Romney's 47 Percent?

The latest hoof-in-mouth uproar raises a philosophical question: As Romney divides the country into makers and moochers, into which category does Paul Ryan fall?

As he railed earlier this year against 47 percent of Americans “who are dependent upon government,” did Romney have any notion that his future running mate might fit the description?

Ryan, a former devotee of Ayn Rand, also subscribes to her theory about “looters” and “moochers” who drain society of the wealth created by productive members but his own career raises questions about the divide.

Since leaving college two decades ago, Ryan has been on government payrolls every day of his career, first as a legislative aide and then as a member of the House.

“Romney’s comment is a country-club fantasy,” David Brooks says of the 47 percent gaffe. “It’s what self-satisfied millionaires say to each other. It reinforces every negative view people have about Romney.”

How about Ryan?

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