Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Mitt and Clint Buddy Movie

When he invited him, Romney was hoping for “Sudden Impact” with “Magnum Force.” What he got was “Any Which Way You Can” to put him “In the Line of Fire,” leaving his acceptance speech in “The Dead Pool,” his handlers running “The Gauntlet” of blame “Unforgiven.”

Yet now we learn it was the candidate himself, in reaching for “Absolute Power,” who invited “The Enforcer” and ended up on “Heartbreak Ridge” with Charlie Sheen’s mentor, looking like “The Rookie” of political acumen.

Today’s news comes with a soundtrack of GOP scrambling away from Clint Eastwood and his chair, Romney aides diving off the deck mumbling “Not me,” “weird,” and “theater of the absurd” while the president of Paul Ryan’s fan club Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tells reporters he “cringed” during the segment.

Obama supporters are, of course, delighted by the “disaster,” as they underscore Mitt Romney’s deficiencies as an out-of-touch rich guy in the real world.

Says one who knows a good deal about the subject, the Rev. Al Sharpton, “It was embarrassing. I mean you almost wanted to go out there and get him.”

It goes without saying that Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are delirious but, when the furor dies down, what will Mitt Romney have learned?

You can dodge obvious disaster by not asking Donald Trump or Sarah Palin to be the mystery guest at your party but, as Truman Capote used to warn, be careful about Answered Prayers.

And above all, the next time you invite an American Icon, don’t give him a chair, no matter what.

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