Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama Body-Language Checklist

Sullen isn’t presidential. Don’t look like you’re at the dentist’s while waiting to zing him as a toothless tiger. And no goofy Biden grins. Fascinated, slightly amused disbelief would be good.

Show friendly but firm confusion about his flip-flops and evasions. Which Romney of the oh-so-many is answering a particular question? And slide in a capsule history of his U-turns on health care, gays or whatever.

Stand tall and take charge as Commander-in-Chief while deploring politicizing of the American deaths in Benghazi and defending Hillary. Chivalry and subdued outrage are the ticket. And don't miss a chance to hug both Clintons, two of your biggest assets.

And above all, don’t cower to debate “rules” or the moderator. Remember Michael Douglas at the end of “The American President” standing tall and declaiming: “ I am the President.”

Get him, Tiger.     

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