Thursday, October 18, 2012

Raising Cain with Romney's Tax Plan

Anyone for 9-9-9? Memories of Herman Cain come back as Democrats zestfully demolish the 2012 tax scam of their opposing Composite Candidate.

Only a year ago Mitt Romney was beleaguered in the GOP primaries but survived and, like some giant squid, has since fattened on carcasses of the bottom-dwellers he defeated.

From Newt Gingrich he absorbed debate feistiness served up by an “attack coach.” The remains of Rick Santorum were a feast of moralizing mush to digest unpalatable facts. But Cain was the main course.

Romney’s nourishment was not enough to give him Cain’s flair (the man could sell ice cubes to Eskimos) but inspired the dippy no-details 9-9-9 spirit of the Godfather’s pizza man, whose chief economic adviser turned out to be a small-town Wells Fargo stockbroker,

As Romney’s numbers fail to add up, Democrats launch a mocking web site to dramatize the emptiness of his suitcase of painless promises to lower taxes and attack the deficit and make everyone feel good.

His latest estimates, says the Tax Policy Center, “suggest that Romney will need to do much more than capping itemized deductions to pay for the roughly $5 trillion in rate cuts and other tax benefits he has proposed.”

But not to worry. If skepticism reaches critical mass, Romney can go back to urging business owners to strong-arm workers into voting for him, and he can always trot out Herman Cain to explain how it all works.

Obama has only Nobel laureates endorsing him, and what do they know?

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Bob Munck said...

Cain’s flair (the man could sell ice cubes to Eskimos)

Don't knock it; that may be an important business opportunity in the near future.