Saturday, October 27, 2012

Renting Their Heads to Romney

Metaphor for the day: An Indiana man auctions off space to have Mitt Romney’s campaign logo tattooed in a 5-by-2-inch space on the side of his head. The winning bid is $15,000.

Without compensation, millions of other voters have been renting their heads to the Republican candidate’s drumbeat of brainless stump speeches and campaign ads, which nine days from now will leave them with a hangover but hopefully no lasting evidence of their folly.

Underscoring the gap between his tenure in the White House and Romney/Ryan brainwashing, the President in his weekly address talks about new consumer protections his Administration has put in place. Complaints, he points out, will be pursued against “anyone who tries to take advantage of you, or rip you off. 

Starting this month, that includes "the folks who come up with your credit score...

“The same procedure will apply for bank accounts, student loans and mortgages. Their only mission is to fight for you. And when needed, they’ll take action.”

No such redress will be available to the man with the permanent Romney tattoo who faces a lifetime of disfigurement. Then again, it may be only justice to end up as the butt of jokes after you’ve laughed your way to the bank. 


Fuzzy Slippers said...

"brainless stump speeches" are the forte of Obama. Aren't you the least bit embarrassed that the leader of the free world, president of these United States refers to his opponent as a "bullshitter" who has "Romnesia." He's the president! Yet he's name-calling and babbling about binders and Big Bird instead of offering a sound vision for the country (even lefties laugh at that repackaged hog-wash he trotted out Tuesday).

This man is so horrifying that I don't even know where to begin. You knew President Kennedy well, and I admired him greatly, was a JFK Democrat . . . can you imagine, President Kennedy ever being so vulgar, so classless, so crude and revolting (voting for Obama is like having sex with him . . .or something equally beneath the office of the president). Frankly, I'm stunned at your lack of discernment. Would you have that horrible, crass, mean-spirited person at your dinner table? I sure wouldn't.

John said...

Romnesiacs, if they do recover, are going to be shocked to find out this isn't 1980.

Those not suffering Romnesia know this campaign is like a bunch of arsonists complaining about the fire department.

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Americans killed in Iraq: 4,486