Saturday, November 16, 2013

Did Democrats Blow It for 2014?

Until the Obamacare nightmare, the Tea Party was headed toward oblivion at the ballot box next year. Now?

As the House passes veto-certain “Keep Your Health Care Plan Act of 2013,” 39 Democrats join the GOP to send a message that reflects their fear for 2014.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough says, "This isn't about elections. This is about making sure people have affordable health care."

In today’s Washington it’s always about elections, and even worse looms ahead. If the rollout fiasco is not fixed soon (what are the chances?), terrified Democrats could join in a bipartisan effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act entirely as unaffordable to their job survival. Even the attempt would be damaging to the effort to wrest House control from the Tea Party.

Neither would the Senate be immune. Mitch McConnell must be smiling in his sleep these nights as the iffy prospect of his reelection turns rosier with each day of Obamacare bad news.

If there was any chance that the President’s final two years would be freed from Tea Party obstruction, it is sliding away with each day.

Less than a year from now, voters who were pubescent children when Americans elected their first African-American president will go to the polls for the first time.

What kind of government will they want? How will they translate their future hopes into ballots?

The nightmare continues.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Socialist American Republic
A Mandate of Obamacare.

America has finally joined the long list of Socialist countries that had such prominent leaders as Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini. All of whom rose to power on the premiss that they would act in the best interest of their citizens and break down the class barriers . True they did break down the class barriers into just Two, classes The Ruling Class and the Ruled Class.

You may say that I am crazy or some malcontent,. But in reality I am a student of world history. I only need look at the history of the Nazi Party, The Communist Party, and the Fascist Party. And Compare these to America's ruling Democratic Party and Republican Party’s. Both are only interested in Increasing the power the have over the people of the United states. Everything we are promised by both parties are the very same things Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Obama promised, a better way of life.

Now don't get me wrong there are members of both parties who have acted honorably and have taken their oath to serve the people of our great country seriously. Unfortunately they are few and often labeled as extremists.