Friday, November 01, 2013

The Hillary Show Is on the Road

An ocean away from Washington, Mrs. Clinton unbends enough to admit, “I’m minded to do it.” At a reception in Scotland after an honorary degree from St. Andrews University, she finally responds to repeated pressure about 2016.

Be that a single-malt slip or not, it’s a start. Her remark comes after another “leak,” revelation that all 16 women in the US Senate, including possible contender Elizabeth Warren, signed a letter early this year urging her to run.

Beyond foreign shores and the coziness of Emily’s List, the GOP is stepping up attacks on her candidacy, another sure sign it is getting real.

On CNN, Chicago Mayor and former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel tells Jake Tapper, “I think she will...If she runs, I’m in.”

All this brings into focus the fascinating Clinton-Obama history. A new book on 2012 confirms what was no secret then, that there was serious consideration of having the Secretary of State replace Joe Biden on the reelection ticket.

The next time, however, a Clinton candidacy could revive some of the distance from the President of the 2008 primaries. In Virginia to stump for long-time friend Terry McAuliffe as governor, Bill Clinton sounds what could be a 2016 theme:

“When people sneeringly say, ‘McAuliffe is a dealmaker,’ I say, ‘Oh, if we only had one in Washington during that shutdown.’ It’s exhausting seeing politicians waste time with all these arguments...People deserve somebody who will get this show on the road.”

In this constant-campaign era, the Hillary-for-President show is already on the road. As with everything Clinton, there is one guarantee: It won’t be dull.

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