Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The World Is Turning Too Colorful

Rob Ford, the Cheney sisters, Alec Baldwin, George Zimmerman...Is global warming hatching too many disposable celebrities? At this rate, we’ll soon be living in a 24/7 Daily Show.

Even CNN can’t keep up, formatting a new hour-long roundtable to precede Jon Stewart with a newly outed Anderson Cooper as host of a rotating panel to parse all the bold-faced names.

While the blogosphere declares the Obama White House going down in flames, issues are beside the point. Fix health care? Improve the economy? Stabilize the Middle East?

Much too brain-taxing. With Donald Trump and Sarah Palin disappearing in the rear-view mirror, the media assembly line for a new crop of shameless clowns is speeding up. At this rate, talk around the proverbial water coolers will take half the morning.

The future fills up with promise. Can Esquire get Rob Ford into a Santa outfit for the Christmas cover? Why doesn’t a cable net persuade Zimmerman to host a daytime show on marriage counseling? Will MSNBC put Baldwin on an anger management special?

The mind reels.

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