Monday, January 22, 2007

The Case for Biden vs. Edwards

If Democrats lose their nerve and revert to running a white male, they should take a long look at Joe Biden rather than John Edwards, now placing third in their ‘08 beauty contest.

Both voted to invade Iraq, but Biden as ranking Democrat, now chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been on Sunday TV almost as often as Tim Russert for two years, opposing Bush's conduct of the war and offering sane alternatives.

Elected at 29, he has been an effective Senator for three decades.

John Edwards parlayed a pile of money as a negligence lawyer into one unremarkable six-year term, has a good-looking family, smiles a lot and talks about “the two Americas” to remind us he grew up poor.

His appeal seems to lie in reciting platitudes as if he had just thought of them.

If Democrats haven't the guts to go with Clinton or Obama, they should be looking for more substance than style as a fallback.

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