Friday, January 19, 2007

The Never-Idle Australian's "American Idol"

I’ve never seen “American Idol,” but then again I’ve never tasted a dirt sandwich, and I have no plans to do either.

Still cable news keeps poking “Idol” into my eye with clips of its judges’ nastiness and pathetic contestants’ hunger for attention at the price of humiliation.

The never-idle Australian, Rupert Murdoch, seems to be trying to do for our culture what he has been doing to our politics—turn it all into sleaze.

But after the Paula Abduls, Simon Cowells, Bill O’Reillys and Shawn Hannitys are gone, Murdoch may discover what William Randolph Hearst learned in a previous century: the American appetite for crap eventually has its limits.

What happened to the O.J. book should have given him a hint.

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