Saturday, January 06, 2007

White House Temper Tantrum

A five-year-old playing with soldiers is tiring of the game. He flings them across the room and goes to the toy box to find new ones.

As Dr. Spock’s editor for years, I know a tantrum when I see one. George Bush won’t get what he needs from new generals or advisors. Call in the child psychologists.

Dr. Spock’s last word on tantrums was “If your child is hurting another or looks as if he were planning murder, pull him away and get him interested in something else.”

Dr. Berry Brazelton suggests holding him in your lap, explaining why you think he needs to be so destructive but why he can’t keep doing it.

It’s not likely that Harry Reid can distract Bush or Nancy Pelosi cuddle him into submission, so what’s left?

Tough love. The grownups in Congress have to find ways to take away George W’s toys until he calms down and listens to reason. Cut off his allowance.

They blamed Dr. Spock for spoiling kids by letting parents be too permissive. Actually he believed in a firm hand, especially when they are out of control.

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