Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why We're in Iraq: The Smoking Gun

As Chuck Hagel was making an impassioned plea against the surge in a Senate hearing room, he was providing the last piece of the Iraq puzzle in a less visible venue, GQ Magazine.

In an interview, the Nebraska Senator described the Administration’s “astounding” original draft of the 2002 resolution to invade Iraq:

“It said they could go anywhere in the region...Sure as hell it was clear they meant the whole Middle East. It was anything they wanted. It was literally anything. No boundaries. No restrictions.”

Hagel, with fellow Senators Biden and Lugar, “had to rewrite it...stripped the language the White House had set up and put our language in it.”

After all the circumstantial evidence from Richard Clarke, Bob Woodward et al, a conservative Republican Senator finally reveals the breathtaking arrogance and stupidity of the neo-cons behind a barely elected President.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al had put on paper their grandiose pipedreams of using American power to police the world in their “Project for the New American Century” in 2000.

Now they saw 9/11 as another Pearl Harbor, a chance to carry out their loony plans of world domination with a blank check from a traumatized Congress.

Bad as Iraq is, how much worse would it have been if they got what they asked for?

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