Friday, August 17, 2007

Bitching About Hillary

Hard to tell what prompted it but Andrew Sullivan today offers an enigmatic post headed “Best. Movie. Line. Ever.” and reads in its entirety: "’Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold onto.’ ‘Dolores Claiborne’, not Hillary's forthcoming campaign slogan.”

It’s accompanied by a film clip in which her rich employer encourages much-abused Delores to murder her husband.

Since Clinton’s “bitchiness” has not been an issue and offing Bill is not on the table, there must be something more subtle here.

Perhaps it goes back to Sullivan’s recent assessment of Hillary as a victim of “political post-traumatic stress disorder” who hasn’t outgrown the Clinton Administration’s failure to push for needle exchanges to reduce HIV transmission among IV users “regardless of the science and epidemiology, because they were terrified of being labeled ‘liberal’ by the GOP machine.”

If the intent is to connect Clinton’s caution to Delores Claiborne’s passivity and urge a tougher stance, there’s a slight problem. At the moment, Hillary’s attitude is giving her everything she wants. Being a bitch is beside the point.

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