Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tony Snow Spinning Cancer

The best cure yet for hyper-political self-importance might be watching the White House Press Secretary’s interview about his colon cancer by NBC’s David Gregory.

The human connection between two men often seen in angry confrontation at White House briefings is moving in itself, but Snow’s courage and optimism in the face of the incurable but treatable disease are a startling reminder that disagreement in politics need not be grounds for personal hatred.

In all the Bush years, putting Snow out there as the face of the Administration has been one of the best moves they made. He is now putting that celebrity to good use in setting an example for other cancer victims of how effective keeping active and maintaining a positive attitude can be.

Tony Snow is not likely to change many minds about Iraq or illegal wiretapping, but he is a constant reminder of what all of us have in common.

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