Friday, August 31, 2007

Petraeus' Gung-Ho Preview

Like any theatrical piece, “The David Petraeus Show” is having out-of-town tryouts before opening in Washington two weeks from now.

Today, the General gave an upbeat performance. He told the Australian in an interview at his Baghdad headquarters there has been a 75 per cent reduction in religious and ethnic killings since last year, a doubling in the seizure of insurgents' weapons caches between January and August, a rise in the number of al-Qaeda "kills and captures" and a fall in the number of coalition deaths from roadside bombings.

The Surge, he claimed, has turned U.S. forces into pursuers instead of defenders. "And that is a much better place to be than to be doing a deliberate attack into their defenses, like we had to do in Ramadi," he said. "Ramadi was like Stalingrad."

More ominous was the impression that the General was toeing the Bush-Cheney line about Iran.

"There is growing concern,” he said, “by the Iraqi Government, by us, and our own Government as we have learned more and more about the degree of this malign involvement of the Iranian Quds force with the militia extremists that have been supported by them, trained, equipped, armed, funded and even in some cases directed."

If this is the monologue he is working on for his Congressional appearance, Gen. Petraeus may end up turning the discussion about getting out of Iraq into a debate about invading Iran.

Has anybody been helping him with the script? The war critics had better be preparing their rebuttal to a new Petraeus offensive.

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TG said...

When I heard that the administration was going to roll out an Iranian offensive in September, I thought that was silly. The talk will be dominated by the Petraeus report.

But then, it occurred to me: they can use the Petraeus report as the centerpiece of the rollout. Change the subject. Move the goalposts into Tehran.