Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lose-Your-Breakfast Sunday Morning

The Democrats did their debate under cover of early AM darkness, but they had eaten enough Wheaties to start by ganging up on Barack Obama, who mumbled his Pakistan mantra half-asleep while Hillary Clinton tried and failed not to look too icy.

John Edwards has developed some kind of facial twitch, which may be meant to seem sincere; Mike Gravel as always is one step from the loony bin; and Denis Kucinich finishes every global truism with a “Thank you” to evoke a trickle of applause. Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson carried on gamely from the second tier, as if nobody had had the heart to tell them it's hopeless. Who are these people and what did my generation do so wrong to produce them?

Bad enough, but Karl Rove pontificating over Meet the Press’ second-stringer, David Gregory, is cough-up-your-croissant time. The word “shameless” has lost all meaning.

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