Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dumb-Reasons-to-Vote Update

John McCain has inherited George W. Bush's mantle as the candidate you would most like to have a beer with, but Barack Obama is catching up with his choice by Lifetime cable network viewers as the most desirable nominee to carpool and share a vacation with.

Other races are tight. Latest poll information shows Obama leading in the Food Network's contest for the candidate to bring home for Thanksgiving dinner (the other guy could be too cranky), but McCain is well ahead in ABC Sports' race for who to watch the Super Bowl with (Obama might order pommes frites instead of pizza).

No word yet about who AARP members would like to sit next to at Bingo or the MTV vote on most desirable companion for a Rolling Stones farewell concert or the Cartoon Network's competition for the best candidate to caricature.

But voters will be better-informed to make those choices after the presidential debates.

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