Sunday, August 10, 2008

John Edwards Channels Nixon

In his weekend of "confession," there are echoes of Richard Nixon's ploy of "modified limited hangout" during the Watergate crisis, a strategy of concealing crucial information while appearing to come clean.

It didn't save Nixon's presidency and, from early indications, John Edwards' political career won't survive either.

As the Senate Watergate Committee was closing in on the truth, Nixon ordered John Dean to prepare a report that would mix partial admissions with misinformation and resistance to further investigation, a parallel to the World War II tactic of Nazi subs sending debris to the surface to make Allied attackers think they had destroyed their target.

John Edwards' "limited hangout" Friday night consisted of a vague admission of adultery, coupled with denials and evasions about everything from the paternity of Rielle Hunter's child to the money his finance director has been giving her, coupled with his willingness to take a DNA test and have all the facts out in the open.

Now, Ms. Hunter is declining the test, and Edwards' generous friend is asserting the payments are a private matter.

"I have been stripped bare," Edwards said in his statement Friday. Not really, but we know as much as we need to know and the only thing left for him to do is go away--quietly. His tacky affair is no Watergate.


Anonymous said...

J Edwards is a scumbag. Having a sick wife battling for her life, the least he could do is give her some comfort in her last times. Having done this to his wife, what can be expected of any of us while he's in office?

Anonymous said...

I wish this news hadcome out after the Dems conventions and after Obama picked him as VP candidate ;-) By theis way both these guys would have been out of our lives by come November.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you've spent too much time on this.

How about covering the confirmed charges that Bush/Cheney ordered papers fabricated to support their intention to invade Iraq as documented in Ron Suskind‘s book "The Way of the World"?

Edwards lied to protect his wife and family from the yellow journalism that has erupted; Bush/Cheney lied to start a war, and tens of thousands of people have died.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards popped a kid with this other chick, and had her lined up once Elizabeth kicks the bucket. That's messed up.

Mike said...

Dan, what you said is unsupportable. You're making wild inferences based on extremely little.

Anonymous said...

As that well known ladies man, Henry Kissinger, once said, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac."

But Edwards could have done better than hooking up with Lisa Druck.

When ladies man McCain dumped his wife, Carol, after a crippling accident, he settled for a honey with money. And Cindy appears to have her drug habit under control.

Anonymous said...

I am a Football Mom of three boys. I was raised and raised my children in a tongue talking Holy Ghost filled church just like Sarah Palin. I own my own company, I am also a college student and I have worked on local political campaigns and even held an office within my community. I am a PTA Mom and I volunteer at my children’s schools at least one day a week. I am a busy Mom. My recently turned 18 year old is now in college with “NO” Babies on the way. I think Sarah’s selfish need to further her own career and her obvious pit-bull ego (with lipstick) got in the way of her parenting her child. There was never and is never one minute that I don’t know where and what my children are doing and yes I check and they know I will so they do what they say. She obviously let this child do as she pleased because had she been doing her job as a parent this “CHILD” would not have had the time or the freedom to engage in “UNPROTECTED SEX”. It is OVERWHELMINGLY apparent that there is a need for SEX EDUCATION in her home. She needs to introduce her Daughter to CONDOMS because she certainly did not allow Christ to be first in her life for if she had she would not have committed the sin of “FORNICATION”. Perhaps she needs to take her Maverick Reform Status and change the things in her own home before the next two Girls pop out in a family way.