Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tracking Down Terrorist Enablers

A military commission has found Osama bin Laden's former driver guilty of one count of providing material support for terrorism, but a spoilsport New York Times editorial complains about "an odd prosecution. Drivers of even the most heinous people are generally not charged with war crimes."

Picky, picky. If bin Laden had been without wheels in 2001, how could he have gone to planning meetings for 9/11? By bicycle?

Terrorist enablers are a serious problem. After we track down and prosecute bin Laden's barber, dentist, dry cleaner and personal trainer, he will be in no shape to plan new attacks or record threatening videos. If he does, who will take an unkempt, flabby, badly dressed terrorist seriously?

We could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble in Iraq by going after Saddam Hussein's groomers instead of invading the whole damn country. How long could he have stayed in power looking the way he did with all those lice in his hair after coming out of that hidey-hole?

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Mike said...

And who knows what path history would have taken if, instead of the Watergate break-ins, Nixon's people had found a way to sabotage McGovern's wardrobe and transportation staff? Even if they'd got caught, how big a scandal could that have been?
I'm getting my second cup of coffee now.