Monday, October 27, 2008

New England's Token Republican

The 4th District of Connecticut, where I live, is represented in the House by the region's only surviving Republican of the Bush years, Chris Shays, and once again the New York Times is endorsing him, noting that his opponent Jim Himes "is an attractive candidate, and we have not always agreed with Mr. Shays on the Iraq war and other issues."

In both 2004 and 2006, the Times endorsed Shays over Diane Farrell, another "attractive candidate," in practically the same words.

As a voter who has conscientiously compared the records and positions of all concerned, I am once again frustrated by the logic of preferring a politician who started out with Newt Gingrich as "my hero," followed Tom DeLay loyally and, against the clear desires of his constituents, supported the war in Iraq consistently over a highly qualified replacement.

If the Times Editorial Board needs another token Republican this year, some other district should take its turn. This time, NIMBY.

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