Monday, October 20, 2008

Voting Bush Out Without Waiting

Under a patchwork of varying rules, Americans start the process of picking the next president with early voting today.

They are casting ballots in Colorado, Florida, Texas, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho and North Dakota. Hawaii and Louisiana open the polls tomorrow.

In all, 31 allow no-excuse, in-person voting before Election Day, but every state has some form of absentee voting, either by mail or showing up at a county clerk's office or satellite location such as a grocery store, shopping center, school or library. (Requirements in each state can be found here.)

A record-breaking one out of three may be voting early this year, many of them prompted by the Obama campaign to take advantage of the polling tide that is running in his favor.

Those who can't wait to see Bush and Cheney gone are in a position to do something about it now.

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Chief said...

I voted Monday 29 Sep, here in Ohio. Paper ballot & #2 pencil.