Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama-Ate-My-Lunch Syndrome

Hillary and Bill Clinton are still recovering from their severe case of it last spring, but John McCain is nearing critical condition from a new virus that attacks candidates in the prime of their political lives and suddenly lays them low--the Obama-Ate-My-Lunch Syndrome.

The symptoms are elevated temperatures of rage and disappointment that strike the victim's sense of entitlement to occupy the White House after being struck down by a sudden fever for someone new.

At last night's debate, the effects could be seen in McCain's agitation and contorted facial expressions as he distractedly mumbled about his long record while writhing in pain over an apparent inability to be heard.

Researchers are finding some correlation with the symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome, which causes outbursts of hostile language, notably in the case of Bill Clinton during its primary stage and more recently evident in McCain's affliction.

There is no medical cure in sight, but doctors are prescribing long periods of rest and abstinence from political exertion.

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Anonymous said...

Obama did not need to do much. All he had to do was to show up. McCain may have won this debate. He still can't win the election with the economy sinking.

McCain contradicts himself. re: Bill Ayers "we need to know his connection" v.s. "I do not care about a washed up terrorist".

Well, either it is important or it isn't.

McCain's handlers may have wanted a pissing contest. "I'll call your ACORN and Ayers, with the Keating Five and G.Gordon Liddy." It has nothing to do with the issues today. Obama did not take the bait.

McCain's scowls and his over talking of Obama's responses were inappropriate. His trivialization of the "health" of the mother in air quotes, during the abortion discussion may have lost some of Palin's base, also, doncha know and you betcha.