Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama Blitz

If an Obama Administration is anything like the campaign, Americans may have an efficient government again.

Behind the candidate's charisma, a leave-little-to-chance operation has been working hard to put him into the White House--recruiting supporters not only to give money (a record $150 million from 632,000 new donors in September) but travel to swing states and knock on doors, make phone calls, hold debate parties and write personalized post cards to undecided voters.

E-mails, often with videos, arrive by the dozens every week--from both Obamas and Bidens, and campaign managers at every level--to encourage backers to leave no rocks unturned, including those from which the William Ayers robocalls are coming.

"Barack will be the underdog," says a message from Michelle Obama, "until he's in the White House, so keep working, keep talking to your friends and neighbors, and together we can change the world."

"My wife Jill is an extraordinary woman," Joe Biden writes. "Jill's passion has always been education, and even during the campaign she's been teaching class during the week and joining me on the trail on the weekends. But this week, she also found some time to go to campaign headquarters and call voters in crucial battleground states...Can you do the same?"

If Obama doesn't win, it will certainly not be for lack of trying.


Unknown said...

Since Obama refuses to show where tens of millions of dollars in donations came from, we can only wonder if Obama could be financing a possible win of the Presidency with donations from foreign nationals ... and if so, which foreign nationals ?

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Obama will be very efficient in taking money from the hardworking people and using it for his own political gain!

Here is an article about the party that got us into the financial mess: