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Monday, January 07, 2008

Romney Downsizing

For someone who made a fortune bailing out failing enterprises, Mitt Romney must be having déjà vu these days as campaign flunkies for the free-spending one-time front runner in New Hampshire desperately try to lower expectations in face of an expected McCain victory.

In a weekend of Republican candidates on ABC and Fox News, Romney came off as the rich kid in the playground, having his lunch money stolen by toughies like McCain, Giuliani, Fred Thompson and even soft-spoken Mike Huckabee, who rapped his knuckles for getting between him and moderator Chris Wallace.

It got so bad that, when Wallace asked about Huckabee manager Ed Rollins' threat to "kick his teeth," Romney even tried to make a joke about not attacking his hair. Corporate takeovers must have been easier than this.


jfreeland said...

Don't be too surprised if Romney wins tomorrow.

Yellow Dog Don said...

I would only be surprised if McCain loses and Hillary wins.
Once again the Republicans have begun to eat their own. McCain, however, is a good loser. Remember how he embraced Bush after the Republican machine had slandered him.
As Woody Hayes said, "Show me a good loser and i will show you a busboy."

jfreeland said...

The thing is, if Independents go for Obama, then there may be enough "snobs" left to give Romney a win.