Friday, February 23, 2007

No Do-Overs

Now the Senate will try to stop payment on the blank check it wrote to invade Iraq over four years ago.

But the White House is holding it in the constitutional bank along with a hard core of party loyalists and a veto pen to block any withdrawals.

The only other option would be impeachment, but that too is hopeless for the same reasons plus the national trauma that would be involved and a glaring one named Cheney.

Bite the bullets and face facts: Congress can nibble away with restrictions in appropriations but can’t micro-manage this war and does not have the power to end it.

Both houses would do well to spend time on health care reform, Social Security, immigration and other pressing issues they can do something about. Voters may soon tire of their yelling at a deaf President about the war and ask what else they have done for them lately.

Face it: We should keep protesting but, unless George W. Bush has a visitation from a Higher Power, our aching national heart and our system of government will have to find other ways to survive the next two years.

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