Friday, February 16, 2007

Where Have All the Grownups Gone?

The news this week--mature men and women orating like losers in a high-school elocution contest--is too much to bear.

In the House “debate” on a non-binding resolution and the Senate debate on whether to debate, our form of government is enduring the worst humiliation in memory.

Add to the Bush Administration’s long list of achievements, beyond a disastrous war and the erosion of our liberties, the reduction of our legislative branch to futility and impotence.

Even the comic relief of John Boehner’s tears is not enough to offset his loyalists’ flapdoodle about “victory” and the Democrats’ despair over groping for new ways to restate the obvious.

Do their mothers know what they do for a living?


Naomi said...

Do their mothers know what they do for a living?

My advice, to anyone yearning to lose their virginity to a seat in Congress, is to wear a Tshirt under their clothing and read it once per hour:

"Please don't tell my momma I'm a politician--she thinks I still play piano in a brothel..."


heybartender said...

I think thier mothers are at least partially to blame, don't you? I think that a sense of entitlement is at least as genetic as say, a tendency toward alcoholism. The scary thing is that there is a whole generation right behind them, cheering them on and waiting to take their places. I'm not kidding. It's not getting better.