Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Screen Tests for '08

Hollywood never liked George Bush, even before he produced the “Ishtar” of American wars.

Now the movie crowd is beside itself, buzzing around Oscar candidates for ’08. The choices are delicious.

Will it be the umpteenth remake of “A Star is Born” with Barack Obama gender-bending the Streisand-Judy Garland role?

How about “Million Dollar Baby” with Hillary Clinton? But the ending of that one was a downer.

Then there’s “Cinderella Man” with Al Gore. With a nomination this year, he’s box-office again. Remember how Katharine Hepburn overcame her early bombs.

Rudy Giuliani could be another “Lethal Weapon,” but then again, maybe not.

Perhaps, after all the cynicism, it’s time to reach way back to Frank Capra. An update of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”? Tom Vilsack is out in the boondocks auditioning for the part.

Give the man a screen test. America may be ready for a fresh face.


Buzz Stephens said...

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A Typical Matt Love said...

You are being unfair to Ishtar. In Isthar, the US-backed despot was removed from power by the people, and democracy flowered. In Bush's war, the US backed despot was removed from power by the US, and the people are being slaughtered. Rogers and Clarke were likable losers that learned to win. Bush and Cheney are dispicable losers that are incapable of learning.

Lovers of Ishtar, join us: