Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Clinton-Kennedy Chasm

On the heels of Caroline Kennedy's paean to Barack Obama as the heir to her father's political ideals come reports that the family patriarch, Sen. Ted Kennedy, will endorse Obama, too.

For weeks now, JFK's alter ego Ted Sorensen has been campaigning for the Illinois Senator, underscoring the continental divide in American politics between the dynasties.

The famous picture of a starry-eyed young Bill Clinton in 1963 shaking Kennedy's hand is now an ironic reminder of the political and temperamental differences between the two.

Both came to office after enormously popular Republican presidents, Eisenhower and Reagan, but JFK overcame his political caution, learned from mistakes and earned respect for an idealism that, unlike Clinton's, strengthened during his tenure and earned respect across the ideological landscape.

Kennedy was a skeptic by nature, but he was not capable of the cynicism that Bill Clinton has been showing in the attempt to get his wife to the White House.

The Kennedy dynasty is over, but its heirs may play a significant role in ensuring that the Clintons' never materializes.


GRCOH said...

Mr. Stein,

I missed the point you were making when you butchered Sen. Obama's name. Please connect the dots for me.

GRCOH said...

Mr. Stein,

I see that you corrected the dots. Please feel free to delete my posts, since they no longer make sense...assuming they ever did.