Monday, January 21, 2008

Democrats' Standup Demagoguery

They should have been sitting down for the first hour. The civility Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama showed in their Las Vegas round table last week and in the second hour of the Myrtle Beach debate tonight bracketed a standup slugfest that did neither of them credit.

Particularly ugly was Clinton's attempt to tar Obama with Chicago slumlord Tony Rezko and particularly slippery was Obama's trying to pass him off as a client for whom he had worked for a few hours. His relationship with the man who is under indictment in a federal corruption case is much more complicated than that (more about this here later).

But the lowlight was the pummeling Obama took from both Clinton and John Edwards for voting "present" on many occasions in the Illinois Legislature. This attempt to make him look indecisive was coming from people who did not hesitate in October 2001 to cast votes that allowed George Bush to invade Iraq.

Perhaps standing on their feet makes the candidates testy. The organizers of the next debate might consider a format that encourages them to chill out by reclining on chaise longues.


Liza said...

Good observations.

Once again we are reminded that the Clintons fight dirty. They revel in it, and because they are so good at it they think that both of them attacking Obama at once will eliminate him.

After the primary I will be changing my voter registration back to independent.

Both political parties are pretty despicable, the Democrats being only slightly less evil than the GOP. If the Clintons are the best they can offer, then their really is no hope for this country, and there is even less for the Mideast.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Growing old and politics is not for sissies.