Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winnowing the Fields in Iowa

As they get ready to do whatever it is they do, Iowans look more like they are picking prize livestock at a fair than choosing the next Leader of the Free World.

Unlike the Congressional elections of November 2006, there is less talk about Iraq, government corruption or a worrisome economy than about the candidates' character, style and commitment to "change."

Getting supporters among a fraction of the state's voters to caucus sites in the freezing cold, winning over non-supporters to become their fallback choices and placing a strong second, third or fourth are the means by which candidates will leave Iowa with a perceived victory or defeat.

They have a curious way of winnowing the fields in this heartland state.

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Ron Davison said...

It does seem as though the issues of policy give way to distinctions of style as the election progresses. I wonder, though, if that isn't a function of a convergence on policy as the candidates jockey for position in the polls. Voters choose candidates. Polls choose policy. Maybe.