Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Obama: Buyer's Remorse

Yet another theory to explain the inexplicable results of the Democratic New Hampshire primary:

Caught up in post-Iowa euphoria, normally prudent New Englanders suffered an attack of buyer's remorse on Election Day--anxiety over their decision to make a big investment based on emotion rather than history and horse sense.

Purchasing a sleek new Obama would make them feel good about themselves, but did they know enough about performance and durability to justify what might turn out to be an extravagance? Wouldn't a familiar Clinton model be a safer investment?

In our new Age of Anxiety, much as voters now want change from Bush fatigue, a heartfelt political commitment would bring with it doubts and worries. In the coming months, such ambivalence may be reflected in more mood swings at the ballot box.

In South Carolina, for example, buyer's remorse could follow the Republicans' sudden infatuation with Mike Huckabee and persuade them to pick up a reliable old John McCain, even if they are not entranced by all the familiar features.

Then again, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

The way I see it, the Republicans, both the open (registered) and the closet types, engineered the results in NH to thwart the Democrats. Now the D's are in such disarray over which direction the party is going that they may just give up in frustration and vote for one of those solid registered Republicans.

Amicus said...

I have a flip theory that's worthy on face (puns intended).

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