Friday, January 04, 2008

Empty Suitors

It was not a good night for full heads of hair and empty suits, and Mitt Romney and John Edwards responded with characteristic self-centeredness.

After being badly beaten by Obama, Edwards gave what amounted to a victory speech that mentioned none of the other Democrats but rehashed his closing-argument case against corporations that squeaked him into second place over Hillary Clinton.

Romney, after watching all that money going down the Iowa drain, didn't seem to notice that he was in front of the TV cameras while Huckabee was doing his victory lap and therefore registered as poorly as all his commercials did during the campaign.

The Breck boys will be with us a while longer, but this doesn't look like a vintage year for middle-aged ingénues.


Anonymous said...

Obama gets 16 votes for the convention.

Clinton 15, and Edwards 14. The Iowa turnout bodes well for whomever the Democratic nominee may be. But it is a long way from being decided. I was sorry to see Joe Biden drop out.

Unknown said...

But it was a good night for the 22nd Amendment.

Ron Chusid said...

Edwards gave what was essentially the "Dean Scream" put to words.