Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Easy Rider vs. Taxi Driver

Move over, Chuck Norris, the real stars are ready for their closeups.

Jack Nicholson got up early yesterday to appear on an LA morning TV show with Hillary Clinton and declare, ""Mrs. Clinton has been involved in issues, everything from health care, which we know and prison reform and helping the military, speaking for women and speaking for Americans."

Sen. Clinton was on the show with him. "I'm thrilled," she said.

On the other coast, Robert Di Niro showed up at a rally in East Rutherford, NJ to say, "I've never made a speech like this at a political event before. So what am I doing here? I'm here because finally one person has inspired me. One person has given me hope. One person has made me believe that we can make a change."

He gave Barack Obama a hug and left.

Obama was thrilled, too, "Some of you know I now have Secret Service protection," he told the crowd. "Those guys never smile; they are always cool. But I noticed when Di Niro walks in, they're all like elbowing each other, 'Hey!' They were excited. Who wouldn't be excited?"

Now we're all thrilled and excited, but who is Clint Eastwood backing?

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Liza said...

The Hollywood endorsements just don't excite me. Like I care who actors support for president? Why would ANYONE care?