Friday, February 15, 2008

Gagging in Washington

Now we know what the striking comedy writers were doing during their down time, hiring out to prepare standup routines for Washington politicians.

At the Washington Press Club's annual Congressional dinner this week, Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel wowed the crowd with material from his previous incarnation in the Clinton White House.

As reported by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times, Emanuel proposed himself as a Clinton or Obama running mate: "I’d balance them both--I have more experience in the executive branch than Barack and I’ve spent more time alone with Bill than Hillary has."

"I’m a man who has learned a lot," he claimed, "since his days in the Clinton White House. Back then, the words 'stimulus' and 'package' had a whole different meaning.

'Let’s be honest, back then when we would talk about a surge, a lightning quick thrust and a phased withdrawal it was damage control."

In bipartisan jibes, Emanuel noted that "Mike Huckabee says he is staying in the race and looking for a miracle because he believes in them. He is a very religious man who worships an ancient white-haired wrathful God who believes vengeance is his. Isn’t that John McCain?

"Can you imagine John McCain as President? During the White House Easter egg hunt he’d be standing at the door in his bathrobe yelling at the kids to get off his damn lawn...A lot of Republicans are worried about John McCain’s temper. It’s never a good sign when Dick Cheney tells you to lighten up."

The Republicans must have latched on to some of the talent, too. Even dour Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell got off a laugh line about the Democratic race as a contest between "a New York senator who was born in Illinois and an Illinois senator who was apparently born in a manger."

It's nice to see them being intentionally funny for a change.

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