Thursday, February 07, 2008

War of Words

Now that Mitt Romney has packed up his money and gone, those who oppose the bloodshed in Iraq know what they have to do between now and November. and the like-minded should be readying commercials, ads and placards that say "If You Enjoyed Bush's War, You'll Love McCain's Hundred Years More."

It's not too soon to start.


Anonymous said...

McCain's 100-year war obligation will go over like the proverbial turd in a punch bowl.

Isn't it also a fair question to ask:
Does the "success" of the Iraq surge come at the cost of losing Afghanistan?

It's looking more that way, y'think?

Anonymous said...

We have many military bases in Iraq which we will not be abandoning.

With 27,500 landings and takeoffs a month, Balad is second only to London's Heathrow Airport in traffic worldwide....