Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fox News' Push Polling

Hillary Clinton is the candidate who would "do anything," including something unethical, to win the presidency and, if elected, the most likely to embarrass the country by her actions in the Oval Office.

You can take Fox News' word for it. Nobody asked them, but their pollsters have been questioning voters in what looks very much like a push poll, designed to score points against a candidate rather than elicit information.

"These results," says Ernest Paicopolos of Opinion Dynamics, "suggest that Clinton still faces the challenge of shedding the image of a politician who puts electoral victory ahead of everything else." His organization also solicited voter opinion about such core issues as the bickering between Bill Clinton and Obama and the injection of race into the South Carolina primary.

If Rupert Murdoch's minions are impartial in their studies of candidates' images, they might next ask which candidate is seen as most likely to blow his top in the White House and nuke everybody, which is most willing to falsify his previous stands on every issue, which would hold revival meetings in the Rose Garden and which might take drugs and give the State of the Union address in a ghetto stupor.

In its previous polling for Fox News, Opinion Dynamics unearthed such trends as the 2006 pre-Surge public perception of "victories in Iraq," leading to a sharp rise in the approval ratings of President Bush and Don Rumsfeld.

Fox News' social science is as fair and impartial as its news coverage, telling us everything the godfather of "American Idol" wants us to know.

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Anonymous said...

How is this a push poll? They gave respondents four options: Clinton, Obama, McCain, and Romney, in random order. Most people said Clinton.