Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mixed Doubles for the White House

Forget the Super Bowl. Here's a match for Pay-Per-View--the Clintons vs. the Obamas.

Now that the candidates have shown in their last debate how well they bounce the conversational ball between them, why not schedule a round of doubles?

As Hillary keeps explaining away embarrassments by Bill, she always notes that Barack too has a supportive spouse. Today's Washington Post observes, "It is fascinating enough that Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama are playing on the same field as their partners duel for the Democratic nomination. More intriguing still is her effectiveness, hardly a given for a recent campaign recruit matched against a two-term president.

"Clinton, 61, earned his reputation as one of the most gifted national politicians in modern times while Obama was still a young lawyer trying to find herself. Obama, 44, kept her political forays to a minimum while building a career on community outreach in Chicago, yet more than a few enchanted voters have said after watching her that she should be the one in public office."

As this crucial campaign heads toward a two-for-one confrontation, a cable network could do worse than scheduling an hour for the Clintons and Obamas to sit together and talk politics.

If equal time is an obstacle, they can always invite the McCains and the Romneys to do the same.

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