Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton for VP

Tonight's debate pushed front and center the question of whether the Democratic Party can do what it did in 1960, nominate an inspiring young leader paired with a Washington veteran in the workings of government.

John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson persuaded voters that they could open a New Frontier with the first Catholic president in American history. This year, the Democrats can offer a ticket with two firsts.

In tone and substance, the debate in Austin suggested that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton together can restore the damage that George W. Bush has done to the American body politic and that John McCain might only prolong.

Their policy differences tonight were invisible to the naked eye, and they ended up with the kind of hearty handshake that could be repeated to seal their designation as the 2008 ticket at the Democratic convention in August.

For Obama, it would be a demonstration of his claim that he can bring people together. On her part, it would take character for Hillary Clinton to accept the vice-presidency after leading in the presidential polls for more than a year.

But voters are rendering a different judgment now, and when the Texas and Ohio primaries are over, Obama should look back at how JFK in 1960 insured that his party ended eight years of Republican rule by teaming up with his opponent for the nomination.

If the ticket won, Hillary Clinton in 2016 would still be younger than John McCain is now.


Anonymous said...

Bill and Hillary would be an albatross around Obama's neck. They're like the last couple at the party. It's time to go home but they won't stop talking and they won't leave.

If Obama's nominated, I'd like to see Christopher Dodd on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how Obama would want the headache of "Billary" around his neck. Hillary couldn't keep Bill in check during the camapaign, so she wouldn't do it once she/they are back in the White House.
All it would take is Bill doing a press conference during a national crisis saying, "Well, I offerred my help to President Obama...I'm here if he needs me." - yeah, no way Obama sets himself up for that one.

Liza said...

Obama needs a nice white man for a running mate. American voters have gone way past our expectations so far in their support for an African American man for president. However, a white man seems a fair choice for a VP, and does a great deal more for unity than a white woman at this time. Things are what they are.

Anonymous said...

she needs to succeed Reid!
Edwards for VP!
like your site,
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a positive idea - should Obama actually win - but the process is still ongoing.

Anonymous said...

Please make her VP - you will guarantee that no-right wing evangelicals stay home on election day, and if by some miracle-theft of votes Obama wins, he would wind up Fosterized by the left within 90 days.

You people are delusional - we put up the worst repub candidate and you still cant win.

Liza said...

Anonymous (4:38 PM),
Well, calling McCain the worst Republican candidate is kind of hard to wrap my head around because they are ALL SO BAD how can you tell which is worst?

BTW, I wouldn't count on winning in 2008 without widespread election fraud. I'm not saying the Republicans can't do it, but that is the only way.