Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bush Fatigue? Try Nausea

When George Herbert Walker Bush starts talking publicly, as he did last night on Larry King, about Jeb as President some day, it’s time for someone to tell him the country is not suffering from “Bush Fatigue,” as he put it, but Bush Nausea.

A decade of family performance in the White House has ranged from barely adequate (his own) to bottom of the barrel (George W). Why on earth would anyone want more?

Americans are not fond of dynasties and, in case of the Bushes, it might help to recall the origins of the wealth that originally brought them power and influence--banking activities that helped finance Adolf Hitler’s war machine for World War II.

Lest this seem like a partisan slur, note that the companies involved were headed not only by Bushes and Walkers, but by a future Democratic Governor of New York and pillar of his party, W. Averill Harriman.

In this new century, we might want to look for leaders whose claims to fame are not based on and tainted by what their forebears did in the old.

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