Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cho's Network of Choice

Why NBC? Between killings, why did Cho Seung-Hui send Steve Capus, News President of NBC, his package of videos and photographs?

The most likely answer is that Capus was the only network news executive he knew of, after seeing him on TV in those now-distant days of the Imus crisis.

But the real news is that Cho, described a thousand times this week as a "loner," was after all in the classic mold of assassins who use murder as the only way to break out of their unbearable anonymity--Lee Harvey Oswald, Arthur Bremer and the rest.

After shooting and paralyzing Alabama governor and Presidential candidate George Wallace in 1972, Bremer asked his captors, "How much do you think I'll get for my memoirs?"

Cho apparently couldn't wait to find out.

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