Friday, April 27, 2007

Making Peace in Washington

Is it Spring Fever or are they just getting tired, but both the President and Congress today showed small signs of ending the scuffle over war spending.

After his umpteenth veto threat, Bush pawed the ground, mumbling “I invite the leaders of the House and the Senate, both parties, to come down, you know, soon after my veto so we can discuss a way forward.”

On the other side, Senator Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, grumped, “We understand legislation is the art of compromise, consensus building. We are willing to sit down and talk with the president, but we have certain things we believe to be important to the country. I’m sure he does, too.”

Now, if you boys will just tuck in your shirts, wash your hands and sit down at the table, we can all say a prayer together and stop this scuffling. The rest of us are getting mighty tired of this constant bickering.

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